Friday, February 14, 2014

Mike Sikkema

from Three Cheers for the Women Who Built the Moon


the autobiography of Witch Bullet was a six foot two haiku box car every other coal 
car no passengers tall white letters with streamy tails and cartoon eyes you could 
never catch all of before the station bulls ran you off but also tree top carved for 
migratory types and low flying aircraft if not carved then shaped in the branches 
with impossible wind or written in waves of bees waves of future primates of all the 
ocean unknowns of glow-bugs you don’t notice until they fly out of your mouth into 
the dark room and arrange rearrange “Witch Bullet Will Eat Your Face”


Easiest to explain as parts of the brain living all over book shelf oak moraine parts of 
the brain in each knee and grasshopper brain parts in lake wave formation in yellow 
and red parts of the brain in a pizza box matching broken chairs are brain parts 
parts of the brain in a gear box rusting out in a bucket fucked freshly love faces are 
parts of the brain similar cinema every breast ever cupped uncapped parts of the 
brain in cryptids and hunters testicles highway cones precious metals left hooks 
fish mercury suicide doors terror birds flapper haircuts barber poles in cartoons all 
brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain
phantom limb brain phantom phantom brain mirror box brain net of light brain 
parts of the brain are ears and eyes potatoes and a garden mole in moonlight an 
overdose brain a brown field brain an oil slick brain parts of the brain half life 
mountain top removal brain asteroid brain and moon parts of the brain in home 
room and celebrity upskirt parts of the brain hand held devices brain and brain


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