Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vernon Frazer

After the First

the fire 
quenched, its membrane burst

wiring as penalty granite a lineage 
of long

cigars, the stench 
staining worse than 
a turmeric rumor

the whim of its liminal synergy

charged both ways at once
a binary extension grounded
in variance, manic against

its ties,
teeth clenched as dental metaphor

the outburst filling the first frame

cinematic verity not required
at the low-down hinge grate

action fainting permitted
when tassel caps allure
the restriction gate print

a plural 
to ply the energy from its rank 

before the cost of first mitosis


Deliberating the Endgame

potassium jury terrors regurgitate
somnolent incandescence to heat
denomination scandals demonized
politely as their svelte turned acrid 
while repeating sample massages 
in passages unlit no message left
to guide defectors in error or patent
shoes longing to wade the subject
disabled the water cresting revelation
a tentacle rite distending vision leak
diffused the segue to ruddered drift
reaching ecliptic parameters gestured
desperate claw repetitions making
lawful their surrogate luster melt
on wry pastries icons bent ironically
overgrown to the seed of wilting
where revising terror medleys blast 
mustard sharks with rude apparatus
the marmalade montage blinked
a cascade bringing fury to saloons
proudly recapitulating night terrors
before dead wagons turned portable
whiskey transport dividend clusters
brown as weathered tassel fugues
caught up in climactic lift incursion
marches past tailor threads shoed
to market forces place the course
evenly spread crude border entities
activate the rippling flashes burned
across wood and concrete and glass
to slice the longed-for cleft and mutter
incendiary comments on slow release
sought as a rift in diversionary tactics
once equally practiced on bland futons
old springs creaking near the landing
above their lowering urge to include
bathysphere art forms that interfere
with every clearance modem clang
steeping its mercurial transit clusters 
with dyspeptic shark appellant mix
whose rebound cluster no aficionado
could translate into the coral findings 
where tantrum clusters delete fixation 
loose hatcheries impel a nominal delay
slow breath encumbers clothing tone
teeth chatter closing hair ensembles
behind their grins’ disappearing luster
the relics gum near periodontal land
whose water left them cresting tide
in toned motes delivered as modes
assigned to scrubbing their passion-
pitched aspersions laced with cheese
when no admonition ruptured faster
than either heat or light can breathe
wrong personification charts gone nodal 
as the surgical extremities of inventory 
tonsil thrillers turned prehensile longing 
to official grip wagging tailored dogs
before the sniffing poltroon decree
seals the seldom seen gripped between
the levered hands gone rounded leather
ceiling fans seek the fevered progeny 
that ground-seeking news will storm  
past the varicose rims of the horning
cartilage poppers mowing slow retreat
lodes refining their own scalar pattern 
the repetition stilled one turning past 
the agate fold enumerated at the offset
bleeding putts through lowered stitches
while marginal estuary blockers lack
the seminal impediments sequestered
in the moving tint of generation vipers
writhing against the horizontal sunset
to beckon the resounding messages
from the ancient veterans resembling
the wary farces of their lost protocols
crackling brittle as the kindle would
rise while darkening the interior view
encases required renovations that vary
the call to release their shaken umber 
from the padding charts that vessel
perturbed underlining at vesicle stops
denied the innovative transport view
snaking eyes dart across the tabular
vein stricken clumsily implied grace
as a well-worn tunic bled naugahyde
lard over the noon shedding caskets
to summer bulged in waiver saloons
where baskets lumber their shreds
under the faintly lasting motor itch


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