Friday, February 14, 2014

Peter Ganick


improcessual dint of creation
there that infundibulum voorsicht
tellingly protean
connectst connecting connectors
trooper incroyable 
the oval resistor meandering 
sleight of hand
comprehensively threaded mounts
volcanic endoue hierarchal notice
the same place from whichever ink

cajoling vanishing point from dimensionless
wherein a calyx voices demands
preen nor flaunt.



where commuting lastlingly presumed
the affirmation’s affirmative meanders
which horse connote resilience
predilection of morale unclouded.

degenerate barter fades
the candy shoes cake selves
denial untries enough spotless
wideness mirrored
so in meme a phoneme or which
weeps choice blinded fro
the aspect in remorse 
gallery coefficient natal
totem firecast neither wading sleight
preside mannerism thorough plans
wield mensonge there as further
notion seeming raffle coerces.

plankton to hawking whole syrinx
hedonist theatre smitten neither
blanket nor
permute seizes gravid 
enough screaming
collides manifest to behave
insequent those reminding slack the furnace
there procedural ingredient aslan
those replicate mindstyles these
from which starting
snowfall noestra opaque milling.


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