Monday, January 14, 2013

Ann Neuser Lederer

Lizards of Warning 

Each verdant remnant 
more spotlit 
more haloed
as necrotization sets in 
the lesson of [the] candles
darkness' set point 

One day in silent January
the light already turning
still silver though, 
silent shimmer     a lone room, 
not even a chair
windows to the floor
not even a curtain
-- no blind
a prophet appeared to appear 
in an orange glow of course
a fiery chariot, speaking in tongues
speaking nothing
speaking nonsense

It was a day of waiting for something
[the] clouds had gathered ominous
in the wrong part of the sky
I in the corner practicing invisibility
before I knew it was a possibility
reading -- deciphering  the honored text

What happened next
[the] thunder 
then, years passed 
[the] seasons turned over and over 
[the] edge of the cliff was clothed 
in soft moss
not sharp   not unwelcome
[the] lizards of warning were sleeping

Far out on the pond a ripple
a sliver    a lace in the shape of a snake
it was the ducks   the geese
quiet and dozing
one bright spot of white in all that dim
turned      seemed to get ready 
to fly
but settled

It was the tame lone swan
who took no notice of its difference
accepted by the other fowl   or 
none commenting    all waiting 
for what 
[the] weather to move again
[the] night to descend
[the] crows to put the sun to rise 
or set --
Elijah to utter 
a word of wisdom.


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