Thursday, January 31, 2013

Steve Dalachinsky

essential sloping green

                                   " must avoid history in order to be it"

death comes every day/
like /  

loud  #'s 
                   elixirs      bought & sold

     antique grinders
                                       grinding teeth  /  lens
     sentencing us to......
                                          sea/land conversions
          combined it's easy to say "friend"
                 love    words even 1/2 in jest     1/2 in-
    gested                  we kiss always   
                   you harsh to me only once
                         -  a misreading of my nature
         your feelings for another allowing our friendship to be

i do not work for the dept. of agriculture
she does -  the one getting off the bus  with an arse as big as a
prospering field/
                           as far as the eye
  kisses  always             warm
a few postcards  /     then    /  the way computers utilized  your life 
                           like subways & dismay
    it happens every day    
                                          tired beauty & the ridges
forming in between
             farming the alpha  bet   &  making   the engine clean
                                             to receive the workers'
moonstained hands 
                     the signs   &  bad  music      that will follow in
your wake
                            & spout your praises          as you sleep 
   to boost sales                      raise sails                  for
their own convenience
               to supply us with little variety as this cluttered breath
of mine
                                                now             does


how many times will we 
hear it
say it                 yet never once be able to breathe it 
                & remain                        faithful  as i am

      so i sd
                             hello   white   rose
           you deserve the best
                                                being associated w/you a
brief time
                         outside this circuitous  credentialed  & heavily
policed system
                                      was a still photo  &  never
imagined  KICK.

ave c's clutter never looked cleaner
nor its pre-noon light paler
once i needed to change my batteries 
now all i need is to recharge them
from time to time

once i needed to be taught 
but now all i need is to learn

ah, essential sloping green
if only all our "good" eyes  could see
as well as you did.


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