Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Michael Andre

Pasties:  A change of heart is a change in the brain. Remove the dead 
language, oh Lord, and we are not

baffled.  Can He not hear when He is not here, His bosom vaporous?

Sustain sustenance focal point or
Unfocused unsustained improvident

The irritation and unfocused prison of an hour until
A black blanket of prison lies over the night

And finally a day comes and it’s little better.
Prison is an unfocused hour.

The irritating cage of an unfocused hour

The bug in a box, the wing in flypaper


For Emily

Say Yes Tonight

Abandoning romance for the hermit’s cell
To write prayers to life, called poetry--

No?--Murdering his wife, then confined
To a cell, the poet--No?--

No poet hates taking no for the question.

All things are ruled by Fashion,
Poetry and pants, death and dance.

Ask and you’ll get a big NO


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