Friday, January 11, 2013

Bob BrueckL

Affichages Sauvages

Inured in the crucible of undiluted
humiliation, scavenging for a spasm flare in
the porphyry of a dead prophylactic, O
immaculate ejaculate

Glacially slow eye ache, haptic, scorch &
scour, mimick the seared silhouettes of
inebriated vowels lavishing duplicity on the
faint of heart

Gummier slugs, succinctly dismembered
shafts of sunlight, gradations of April's light,
your drooping stench, the sheen of your

Copper leaf quiver paring down the minuscule
crotch riffing off the incongruity of longevity --
gulp plug, figinal aftershock, pinch me --


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