Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vernon Frazer

Shelling Night Secrets

calamari tepee wreckage
a vernacular intent beguiled

latitudes host ventricular paté 
no tentacle left unserved
to enervate the matador legends
willing their dated entries

to volley fortitude crossings 


at the gate left to rummage
the flicker scales its blue intent

navicular findings retribe
narwhal hostage enclosures

scrotal sasquatch enigma watchers
bear a worn umbrella’s broken heat

tossing latitude a grim spectacular


the carapace ode nocturne
semaphores the eagled prowess
yearning to return last nodules

to portage prince doctrine
where the shore drilled off

the seminal scent of tapping code


Giving Them What They Want

tablet referenda deferred
supple intonation marks pitched bales
against fetid deletion materials

wandered lonely and aloud
implacable driftwood seeking varnish

release anonymous bottle wrappers
papered under slow debris 

moving remnant polish 
amateur night to tabla markers 
reflecting current strapping
further whiplash 
leather braiding soon resumed

a rhythm agenda hidden 
whether or not the plate assumed

blood leisure noon repeated
the preferred rabble agenda crowding
mileage threaders to chart

lumbago headline barkers vend
articles of rumination illustrated


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