Saturday, June 16, 2012

Barry Alpert

Snapped within Aperture
Sophia Loren said,
William Klein has eyes like a knife.
He is ruthless and outrageous but
never mean--he is tender and
funny and violent.
And, I’m sure, really in love
with our crazy Rome.
Federico Fellini noted,
Klein’s book ROME could be a film
and someday I hope he will do it.
Anyhow, this is the best Rome there is
and Klein is the best photographer there is.
He knows Rome like a book and
this is it.


Of Time & the City
via Terence Davies in Liverpool
“We had hoped for Paradise.
 We got the Anus Mundi.”
Obligation despite my dogged piety.  No revelation came.
Football like life was
too rich or too poor for my rapacious appetite.
I said goodbye to
my whole world--home, school, movies, God. 
Earth does not revolve.
Chilblains with Christmas in the air.
In all those movies it was always perfect.
Time renders to seek
youth that cannot end hope that . . .  


Of Anthony Caro
Sculptural essence without making an abuse (of architecture):
towers right on the edge of going too far.  Too far.
Wood forces things on you.
Steel would be very different.
Wood speaks to you:
preserve the ancient thing & have a conversation with it.
Is sculpture your religion?
It isn’t so wrong.  It isn’t so wrong.        


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