Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jim Cory

Bikes Left Overnight Attract Vandals

Do not use ceiling fans gently & quietly. This damages
open-toed footwear. No chalk! To assure availability
of your daughter in curtained areas at pool, please
wear shirts when entering. Do not adjust

Manager-On-Duty. This damages cold water. Obtain
a medical exam before foot detoxification. DO NOT SPIT
on Century Workout Manikin. WIPE OFF AND UNLOAD
the next member. UNLOAD age-defying WATER

FOUNTAINS. To assure availability
FOOD must be left during use. Please return
ALL WET AREAS when exiting. Desk coordinator is for
individual use. Trees are not permitted

anywhere in this facility. This damages Manager-On-Duty.
PLEASE PARDON more than 400 pounds. Botox IN CAFÉ
AREA ONLY! Interested in desk coordinator? Obtain
a medical exam before DOOR IS LOCKED. Balls 

are under video-taped surveillance. Avoid
quietly. The next member may fall
when weight selection pin is disengaged. RETURN
Teeth Whitening before beginning dumbbells. Please put weights down

on next member. Do not throw walls! Manager-On-Duty
is checked hourly. PLEASE UNLOAD
jump ropes. Be cautious of desk coordinator. No chalk!
DRINKING FOUNTAINS will appreciate consideration. PLEASE

DO NOT SPIT IN windows. This damages
Manager On Duty. UNLOAD Century Workout Manikin gently
& quietly. Improvements are being made. Thanks
for your member. PLEASE DO NOT

fall when entering This increases ceiling fans. RETURN
medical exam before exiting desk coordinator. Open-toed
footwear collateral. Age-defying water fountains.  Botox workout. Termination
without refund. Private daughter studio. No chalk!


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