Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Donna Kuhn

Smallpox Ballerina

i want a selfless girl
dogs, ballerina, aphrodite
i am X-rays of her rice

milk, underbird angel
what moon, fork angel
what rain

sweet her can't leash
or understand that
kisses are bittersweet

mothers with horror
boys wicked better
hip chocolate like

numbers, baby 3 on diva
you're close, smallpox
found, she's inside

a ballerina notebook
resent the soft night
phone spain, valentine

u are resentments
and i am chemicals
mama winter

1000 babies ate the ladder
pale baby into the whales
3 year ruby

a paper freezer throws
clockwork ballerina
i have the sea

fanfiction, more jeans


Catch My It in Your Ghost  

i am descending as an e-mail windex expert
i iron your brain, i knock on my car in my
sandpaper suit and i am a wand

u wash the stage like a brainwashed online dictionary

i am not industry and i don't google zombie knows best
i am overwhelmed and i am willing to iron your pants
with bloody purpose

u were supposed to hum and help me
i am willing to want control and i speak
to your parasites for 3 days

catch my it in your ghost
my chemicals are parked
in your language and i iron
your elephants

u have a voice; u are going to drink darts
your tickets are in the sun, u would be safer
than a doorknob, catch me if u can't

i let u go, i iron your talent
and someone else's aquarium 
thanks  u

i will break their dreams in your valley
i am willing to break their dreams


How To Program a Small Mind

god is only good without makeup
notice the silence, i am 38, i am
an ebay refugee; i hate to meet
myself, the titanic bone

i am i am a sweatshirt
i look so sexy like a bed
i am jack nicholson and
i finally get to meet myself

i'm a warm pink furry overnight bag
i am a flying sorority girl; i can't find
4 years but i can find the balcony

he is the woman i finally adjust to
how to program a small mind
when u look at the variations 
of maroon i am not impressed


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