Thursday, June 14, 2012

Murat Nemet-Nejat

          straight is the malignant thought

understanding complexity, without seeing THERE

is something

distinguishing the earth’s grass, parted a part

grass singing

lingering in my ears malingering

malignant delirious wants

walking straight, to get lost.

malignant thoughts

stinging thistles in the grass


walking straight, to get lost.

distinguishing the earth’s grass, walking, parted apart

without seeing, understanding


to get lost

there’s something

grass singing

walking straight



In the shadow exploding river

A riveted car prick

in the bayou peeped by you

under the weeping willows on the grassy pillows

a wreck erect

(a Chrysler convertible carrying the body in the trunk)

carries the body in the body

the definition of obsession, Anthony Perkins’

body (Chrysler’s body) carrying Janet Leigh's body in itself, she was Eva Marie
Saint, before wrinkles, saving Cary Grant in the snug gloom of the lock-up-pull-down
compartment bed and joining him there in the final consummated jump-cut image of the
movie he pulling her from the abyssal vertical of Dakota badlands screeching down space
(down stream) -- grab my hand, grab it -- in air from the nose-chin-eyes of founding fathers
-- Grant a Lilliputian wandering on the face of Granite Father -- pulling her up, a shoe lost,
in this consuming, cons(tr)umpt-rive, consummating final jump-cut, into the safe wet
compartment bed --
opened up

suddenly Anthony Perkins hears a draft of wind in the air as an owl takes off, and feels
the panic of his optic soused secret murderous act, conceived as a fragmented chain of
suggestions exploding in the electron haze around the naked body in the water, looks
around as the Chrysler sinks into the bayou to disappear for- -

never, the compulsive remembering
is a desire for


a musical rudderless shudder sinking


the darker hued water, murder calligrams, running flowing through the drain


sophia plastic illusions of northern plains

dans le magazin j'ai vu ton cousin

causing incarnadine choo-choos

in the Dakota train oh my Eva Maria Saint

from bayou
oh, you buy me too you carry me through
the sea


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