Monday, June 18, 2012

Jasper Brinton


Working distraction
flashed rearview mirror
new live-points
hurry scurry at the flesh
ancestral hungers enervate
final smoke magic seconds
for viands labeled war 
She recommends saltpeter
pillaring the digestif
strain relief once eaten
its at the south meadow
fading on smart iron
the bloke that set poison
operated air-support 
The walking ballet
rouses the animal season
collapses fear-made spring
she mourns while hogwash
her fearful Sarajevo 
unconscious maximal pursuit
is its setter dog death
Just as blood bisons
linger at the outskirts
what the tractor will plow
exhuming the surprised
butcher so she shouts yallah
beloved I’ll crush the bones



Apologies and to you aquilegia
my stop note’s in slaver mode
two shut eyes mouth divided
concussed humbled by storm
anterior to a poise’s flight
wanting pure orange soda
stemware un-circulated ants
no need for taste saliva too
cheep insurance hybrid tongue
I’m onto this need for hushes
pant flutter or world images
graduated among highway lines
gapped across overpaid hills
pine candles ha ha mountains
Say an invisibly baited skunk
She a diva first class warrior
affordable ash powdered
blue light thru greenhouse silt
peels the cover seeing summer
shapes love into cant tell
subdues with petalled hats
dwells fay among daft ponies
sniffs jets trails traces jambs
marks precycled names viral
plumps n-american product
against roofs wild with rank.



He said I am now bodhi at heart
illuminated by arm’s-length fission
I’m the electron the caressed particle
hushed waiting true consequence
proud I have chosen middle center
I am spark nature transparent pigment
So I said:
My your self does brand urbanity
you can take today apart a skyrocket
not for seeking reenactment I agree
but battle hours long on body bags
Why keep practicing the learning
oh dust before choice turns cosmic
a.m. hours and you flare the verve
The bower usually is devised by lovers
waiting chic names you’ve run together
before the yellow axe in the red stump
cleaves the pith before the bark
He: there’s a stamp block for poets
a vehement year engraved with value
truly the downwind calm / swaddles
the limber as finesse should forgive
this vast sand-flow wounded view
smearing the stinks of a grafted wall
And so on until:
geese in mist confound the sentiment
on-screen clouds incite good motive
which implies we train children also
I say brooding fails as marksmanship



The book as carrier
as adult sentence
incident postulated nerve
that travels on even feet
occasionally sodium struck
running the interim street
satisfaction that so often
compels mayfly prose
—a bug is judged
as lately on your leg
is prompted by a swirl
or scat mood marker
recontextualized from the wild
before some buzz vanishes
or small inheritance fulfills
humane mystification.
What subjugates the wee hours
dear to the accuracy class
—suppose in test mode
the event noted
resolves as insurgent wash
would you outrun tobacco
put on a jack mask
scissor the present country
make leather from scripture
or are meanings insects
sky winged tossed charlatans
—let's carry the corpse home
a favorite warrior regrets
clips the prize of lucky ears
tries hard to stay coy buff



Lurid country perfectly perforated
feather dusted the breeze waning
goodbye garbage we’re on schedule
so what’s too tight your scratch pad
charitable cuts of meat—look out
eight arachnid hairy legs launch
so there’s mash water in the cistern
watch for a fuel-injected miss-fire
public private we want no shortage
the day’s too roused to be doggy
drugged self blotted by sunburn
return it to the store wrapped so
few errors grapple birth a monster
morning scramble is an easy game
fruit-cart made for cerebral taste
and we attentive to advertised logic
much desire to live off the hook
why this attitude is color scanned
crowding the trails in plastic boots
the airways privately palatinated
up and down stream so swathed
now choose one of two interpreters
someone to return your purse


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