Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sheila E. Murphy and Douglas Barbour

Continuations LXIII:

a cross person dictates im
     pure possibility     de/natured
how it go away   how it
fall and failure follow a weaving
     line   up and down rout(e)
sands of time wasted blow back

rasterized imagery seats nature
apart from waste      while
lacking in allure        or rooted
   amid sands tattering old wood
      if pictures and their tangents
ever are     to go away

how far with that twosome fare
an I for an I after all iance
      finance inter curse     stitial
bleed     from a stone meant
for tuning the new body polite
ticks  talk their way out of

future value   present dance     a cure
where bursars are     some littering
    on terra firmament             the tics
catch             s kin   that chalks   sport line     
age          cinching     cups                  
        at stages all    along the con    course

hole by whole   some were
     wolfed food chain reaction speaks
easy beyond all fathoming
that some singular being stated firm
anent adam meant for land or laud
     each time specific stage for song long gone

laudate fills the latent heart
with urgent notice of be
ginning each sing u larious
          sound      as accidentally staged
song      pathed to make
the chain residual and     wondrous

wander rushed song of rocks
     white watered   /  receded
notes bursting into bloom
     boxed    foxed       non-toxed
into fresh melodies    a sickened
world re/membering collates there

amid melodious tincture
crystalline freshness hastens
                     leisure of the flow
       unmeasured for white blooming
                draws the eye to note
     thick textures as the blend

     bland wash of white water
rush through caves crystal
eyes  /    archi tactics of the word made
glass    /  a whirling below a dance
erred memory writhes   revives
     the song of stone(d)    thrown down

lured to tones be
set by non-legato legacy            the world
made tacit          thins
            owned fade         a rush of it
      once tactile        errs
                against its own           g rain

g round down  /  a beefed up response
     a buffered tone  (or [re] buffed
how play into ghostwalked
subtleties  / sub-titles
     telling details lost in the fade
the faddish fall of words dead aired out

how play now       subtitles
contradict speech          terra enferma
infects words         thoughts      
     in the air moves laterally     
vertically from down           fading
     to loss        of capability      of (im)pulse

impose or impart what knowledge
     plucked   placating noises off
side / windered      winnowed
     words wracked and un-wrought
fall from ghost mouths fading in sun
lit rooms speech foundering

off            mouthing    some       fleck
of would-be mean
ing            ghosts cool          the otherwise
sunned room      fictional
in part     to know is to
      hold a foundation for           the words

that meaning fill    drive pilings in re
     pose   sponsored by every dream
s pectoral binding   muscling
     in    trobarding ghostsong  so long
a good buy   /   a goat boy
     bellwethered   bemused

blue faced bards          leave rinds
     of song  by goat        by gum
      one ponders        what ghosts
weigh             while musing
lilting rerun chimes        without
a body to retain

retrain the body attuned toward song (off
     that kind     that kind of        muse
sick of marches militant
official officered bands bend to
     the tell of rude awakening
a wake in inked chaos  (blackened

blinkery trilled close to the wake
of salt water searing
earlier smooth air
     with breath redeemed
from chaos       leaning chorally
                   toward attunement

a tune (rune) meant to pitch a way
     from true     north   strung out on
mended acidity   some dead taste
waste in the throat trying to open
     opine on righteous anger    how
dare u turning turncoats fall abaft

          what vast right wrongs
all the cities strung across
and out of thought   dead
even among pines  no hiding
as the aft that poses an opposing
nor         th

th under ambit i    ous to the fallen
     chilled  children all laid out   for
inspection   inauspicious (sus/
pension   (stained
notes   negate various futures
     now (& then   /  invested      (up on

hills hide auspices
sostenuto may
negate vestments all          and then some
stains pay out        the specter
here where children        pend
     as variations on a future

false notes fall too slowly from the air
     as bombs might  /   seen in a night
mar(r)ed  reverse telescope
     d moment airy fog of    fought off
sounding   sundering youth
apart   apportioning blame on the (h)ear

         one wishes wounds asunder
in sunblest portion-sized     
wild(er)ness bearing young verse
         to the loam notes falling into
ear-pure markings seen
en plein air

hear(d)   or play(ed)   in
     that open space(d)    out beyond
lost hopes and hearts sealed
     off   tempo   rare  eerie
wails    walls built up of sounding
reasons / depths / monsters there(in)

sealed walls dis
courage depth perception
sounding lost by intonation
on star leaves no space
unruled       one veers before
obeying tempo s paced

packaged percepts prevail   and
     star rivals recoil  /  a veer
away from open ends
mean(s)  motives failing into
word one (own lie)
     held belief tra(n)ced subject (to

veracity's pinch-hitting again
encores own the lie-down
held motif as open-ended
attraction to the mean
subjects us all
to rival stars still sparring


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