Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gray Jacobik

Conspicuous Appropriation

As if light were a lather, I turned to the moon
to shampoo my jealous self away.

Display drawings by children in colorful frames
or in white frames with colored mats––hang
them in otherwise unimaginative places.

Hate is a dark transparent violet that works like butter.

If there is no arising and enduring, there can be no
disintegration or cessation.

There are two Allen Williams Harrises, two Als.
Stories about themselves they call duALities,
but they are quite distinct: Al-1, Al-2;
the Greater, the Lesser; the Elder, the Younger.

Dogs, wolves, coyotes, foxes, are roguish guides
to the regions of shadow.

If a phenomenon were to exist it must have arisen
from its own nature, but loss is an enlargement.

Keeper of the ancestral souls, the drumming circle;
the Bemble of the Orishas, for instance.

The dog has hidden his toys as if burying his childhood.

French polish your furniture. Polish your silver.

Give windows an ammonia rinse.

Stop grasping the apparently true existence
of cyclic existence and non-cyclic existence.

Wax your floors––even linoleum can come to life
when a spit-and-shine attitude is applied.

Existence has a burnished look, a faville-like sheen
and is replete with eddying potential.

No matter how astoundingly mind-blowing elevated
states are, they soon feel habitual.

Following the bracing beauty and formal rigor,
the ensemble jump-cut to early-nineties
cinematic neo-Classical Glass.

Physical changes in the brain cause alternations in
consciousness, although changes are not proof.

Superstar rappers like The Game have been shot
five or six times, and 50 Cent, nine times.

The glaze of jealousy has a distressed silver sheen,
but obsession, a le poisson rouge wretchedness.

As if not-desiring was possible . . . .

Realistic flower murrini become apparent under
your torch. Coil and use in latticino applications.

I posed in back of reality. Reality posed in front of me.

Naturally some systems are more desirable than others.

The fourth limb is called ‘name and form’; a practical
expression for a psychophysical entity called a person.

Refresh your bedroom with new sheets. Try sprinkling
crushed lavender sprigs under your mattress pad.

Under a neutral flame any exposed surface tends to
opacity, interior surfaces to a range of tans and blues.

Inscriptions on the old cemetery’s tombstones are lost.

No Abediahs, Abigails, Jeremiahs; no Patiences, Gideons,
Immanuels. I did find Wealthy Nott, wife of Henry Nott.

Luster is downloadable if you’ve got a metallic printer.

‘Name’ identifies consciousness and its various aspects
while ‘form’ identifies matter (i.e., my descending
abdominal aorta).

Translucent glass tiles create a spa-like atmosphere.

The silent language startled into noise as if the Latins
rose up and began blathering in their native tongue.

Infinity has eight distinct bands of color separated
by clear, mutable blues and cedary mossy greens.

A beautiful swirl when twisted. Very friendly.

You cannot drown in the master bath dressing area.

In childhood most of us got our instrument panel
so out of whack we couldn’t read it anymore.

An angel danced around me playing her drum
and singing an ethereal uncorrupted song.

In hip-hop, the mimetic function has been eclipsed
by manipulation of the real thing.

Buff, polish, wax, shine, reprogram, reset.

Nowhere is there an organ or entity which is
an actual ‘I’ or ‘ego’.

Givers of divine openings often feel that electrical buzz
when they get a new energy download.

Nine times 50 Cent is four dollar and 50 Cent.

When burning borosilicate use an oxidizing flame
or uncorrectable red wisps will arise.

White hotel-style sheets with colored borders:
such a classic look.

I counted six veterans of the War of 1812, four
of the French and Indian Wars.

Shine makes everything more cheerful.


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