Monday, June 4, 2012

Will Hochman

Business Suit

If a reader could sue transgendered stripper-writers,
It’s guaranteed more than money could be
Tucked in the word ‘panties’

Tattooed upon the ancient floorboards of lust
My dance, with a perfect, stage-whispered line
Has been withdrawn at the theater’s litigious request

Now as actor turned naked poet I will tell the show
Sexually better than when it was performed
In red high heels designed to spike my truth


The Daily Ant Hill

Coffee grounds morning spreads out
Smoke by the sports section
Done at sunrise with what?

The world in a word, one syllable
Alive one day only, a crumb of time
Carrying the history of light in a back pack

Whether stuffed syntactic greed or the might of sand,
Beyond Pharaohs, slaves and time
You need one ant moment to compose

All struggling has profound music
But not one grain of sanity
To silence another story of war

Drawbridge traffic is swarming up
From the animal kingdom to the point
Where five stanzas stop nothing


Shark Fin Sexual Rejection

Phony scales of justice
Enable this fishy music
To soup spoon death in
A blood broth for tongues
Too stupid to want
Much sweeter, truer
Tastes of love’s pursuit


Flow Pattern

On return, landing
At Laguardia almost always
Means routine ground delay

When I left your constant
Fires, it didn’t mean
I loved your sky less

I think our wings now won’t
Mind as long as the wind
Remains patient

Pausing on tarmac, this grounded
Window-seat-goodbye-time kiss
Will be made up in flight

This stopping just a memory gaze
A cocktail napkin number
Flying absence home

Like I never left


In Seven-Year-Old Seymour Glass

Jean seams circulate
Blood orange borders hemming
Against love’s grain

His true north hardly
Fits with Camp Hapworth blue balls
Housing sanity


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