Wednesday, June 6, 2012

William Allegrezza

spider in evening light

we allowed your trace to disappear
along with our dancing.

(i sit under a sign
that says no loitering
and wait to be asked
to leave)

we have been arguing for consistency
without wanting to rework the system.

(no one comes. the
law falters, and my
tired body becomes

we feel the rhythm starting to move
before the evening cause ends.


at home in metropolis

shore birds work
towards flight as
i shift under
thunder before
fading out again.

i thought piling
my goods on the
step would help
me see myself,
but now my things
are lost,
and my only
belonging left
is a trail through
dust on a
wooden floor.



the dust piles along the wall’s edges
and up above
hands and feet in color are memory

i have been arguing
the unconnected politics of
our situation without
acknowledging that you
are always there

still the water
swirls as it drains
and our purpose
of the moment
is growing clear.

our tracks are piles together
at the place of finding


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