Thursday, June 21, 2012

Donna Fleischer


the cell of
a body
monk student
sea salt
cellulose mole-
cule, particle,
wave honey-
comb beehive,

celluloid of
paper paint
ink film,
brain heart,
blood wall
emulsion document
the cell sale
sail it bio-
degrade it
photovoltaic solar
geode wobble
uni – multi –,
Ce Lo's fuck that ter-
rorist gold-
plated Rolls robbin' us
down to the dirt of
our western glitter’d

boggles mind boogie-
woogie smack-
down of the id
& the effluvium
spit detritus of blow-
hards & messiahs

wake up wake
up with your dread paced
cells gazelles &
javan rhinos 40 left wild
yell augment aug-
ment & loosen your
predisposition leash un-
lock gall door closet
stand see-
through mirror up
from along the edges we,
we incant liftoff


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