Thursday, January 12, 2012

Anthony Robinson

November Radio Hymn

On curating a scrapbook
                                             of small bright failures.

Fire burns cool in Autumn's gratitude

What's left?

Brackish water               hem of jeans

                brocade & drywall

that woman, that child                 

                                   what's  right

behind you


Indistinct smears seen through a pinhole in a shoebox.

We've been to this film before.


Battling wildlife here in the mean streets of a quaint village.
A young girl eats a cruller.

Geometric abrasion is a term just now invented for what happens to perfect pairs
on imperfect days.


That was me, then another, cut

across sandcastles & chloroform

the sum of this mess is a very high number

nobody counts to a very high number


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