Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Calvin Pennix

Registered as Opaque

Things exist

in differing modes of

o                   stasis
o                  closure
o                  finality

A decent person


to be allowed to breathe

                          reaches for the surface
                                                            as it continuously appears

This contempt
registers its status as opaque

       though object leers nearby


Twenty-four Fives (i)

Sights seen                         deliver grossly

obscene dividends                         pleasurably stricken 

to absorb clinician’s consequences

while abound                         we are

all docile in essence


Twenty-four Fives (ii)

Quite ill at best

as it’s presented to

                            the masses in upwards

             of glory                         tending to

                                                                 be declinators in admission 


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