Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hilton Obenzinger

Two Barcelona Songs

Thank You For The Visit

Barcelona came to visit me yesterday.
We had lunch, and a little wine. 
We talked about the usual things (the ugliness of money, the irritation of grids), 
but we also shared some special delights: 
a love for memory, a desire for spaces filled with people, noise, 
and a hope that the dead can smile at all their old buildings and streets the way we can. 
Barcelona and San Francisco actually have a lot in common - waterfronts, for example, and disgust
with bad people doing bad things. 
So we had a lot to talk about.
We talked a long time and laughed.
But after a while Barcelona left for home. 
You know how it is, a city has to keep circulating, especially a sexy one.


No Need to Pay

Hey, where are you going, wise guy?
Huh? I'm going to Barcelona.
In that case, you don't need to pay your bill. Go!


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