Monday, January 9, 2012

Michael Rothenberg

Bud Powell in Barcelona

Rain all day & Joan Miró sleeps late
How many discos?
Bowls of fried minnows and olives
On the Ramblas
Go on some side street
Suddenly, Christ
There’s a huge church that drips tears
and a mission of bells clang
Rome in ecstasy
Catalonia is not Spain
Marilyn Monroe in the “Metropolis”
You can see Paris Hilton everywhere
I remember The Surrealists
Nostalgic groves
A thousand cars bumper to bumper
Eager to visit that quaint little village, Cadaqués
Animal crackers in my paella
Take a picture
Ride back over the mountain
Cafe Americano
The singer is a fraud
VISPO is a village in Spain
“M” is for Maria Madrid
Aquarius, the world is your oyster
The earth is your old mother
Your sunglasses at home
Visions of langostinos on the promenade
The crooked line
The escalator
Gondola, Taxi con gas
Hernia on tranquilizer
Ascent of Miró
I had a print of one of his paintings
On my wall for 40 years
Assassination of umbrellas


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