Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jill Jones

Unless Real can produce something special

Barcelona came from behind
it took more than the dark arts
to keep down the irrepressible

possessing the ball in deeper positions
the first attack came on 11 minutes
Ronaldo produced a stinging left foot
with the goal at his mercy

Messi burst forward for Barca
he that conjured up the pass
found Abidal onside
time and space prod the ball home

familiar silence came down
over Santiago Bernabeu
Catalans in the stadium of their biggest rival

continue hoodoo against Real Madrid
increasingly bad-tempered
in Santiago Bernabeu

home fans had seen it all before

(all text mixed from Reuters report on match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, 18 Jan 2012)



Non sabs balar … - Guerau de Cabrera

You don't know
how to dance
on gaudy stones
any longer
but you may

disrupt footings
you may move
below air
sing song
without air

below las ramblas
below this


Shades World Night

liquid evening open  
accumulating sky &
nowhere postcards burning
branches testing concrete

memory goes out
car broken weather
change million meander
row everything endless

moon behind walls
spills radio guitar
kissing corners hugging
know waiting door

feathers stone steps
hidden palms tongue
fooling twice in
night standing there


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