Sunday, January 29, 2012

Larry Goodell

American Stanza

Don’t be a humble haiku
stretch your feet out
become an American stanza
we still have something to do with art
be one of us
big inspite of yourself
broadcast large
make money off of your many words
become the rolling American stanza
that is studded with products
and still loves the land
the Western version of it
where one slow roll of a hill disappears almost
into a ribbon of road
as you drive and drive
and know you're not in the big city
that you're large and flat
and too big for one page
too roaring, too specific,
too car oriented too bound to the daily clock of money
as you value your job and if you don’t have one
try not to feel guilty
as we enter a major stage of pessimism
both in and out the city
and your words and loops of phrases
sing through the air and catch the horns
of the ghost on the prairie
yanked along into song
too enormous for a haiku
too full of problems
too necessary
too grounding
the rolling out aloud bark and welcome
getting down to deeds like
putting on a roof and balancing hammer & nails as you walk
tiptoe between the possible falls
and get it up
to persist, native ingenuity is all there ever was
to stretch this country out to any sense
to give it form
large and difficult
trite and straight
to learn the old again
for the first time
having always before
been new
the old ingenuity to make do
and get us out
get this line out of its chains again
its remains
its slow death
and rest,
its stretching out into a new fate.


Walking Hawk

(pot with cards in it – shuffle & read)

. long hair is a scaffold for blowing out yr brains
. a Nixon nugget is a nuxin Nigget
. Survival is kitchen napkin
. they want the most violent image to tear their tissue paper
. revolution is a dragass minority in rear
. it defeats the purpose not to be named
. it pops into yr head
. do you want another he said pouring charcoal out the sewer
. I cocktailed inefficient Sunday rock rock
. nematode is no toes
. flash on cards
. a heap of Sundays
. on cards
. freeflowing Tuesdays jacks yr diamonds
. change attire retire
. going out on Sunday
. sundancers
. keep in towards
. leaping hinges
. a jack in time multiplies the dime
. reaches on Sunday
. what you can’t reach on Monday
. it’s terrifying what language does to him
. I am used ill-used
. leaping high in vineyards

. language to put in a pot
. take it out on Sunday & leave it there
. a make to brace
. a challenge for Europe
. old electric dildo catching a snooze
. I’ll never make you on Tuesday
. make you mind
. I am out on Tuesday
. tie it all together with a mop & sop
. how many wafers do you have in yr corn
. donuts donuts
. in each case there was a case to shake
. other than that it was stone pussy
. jack off backwards
. I come first then play all day
. that is your ferris wheel rocking
. knocking them off
. sugar towards Christian hippies knock them off
. a meeting on Sundays
. knock them off
. a meeting on Tuesdays time to get up
. don’t go out go out
. time to get out
. whack a steward
. this is not the first time the first time
. I never slept with you
. are you minding yr puddings & yr pants
. don’t breeze off too soon.
. a jacket on Tuesday
. a meeting on Tuesdays
. rock my wind pardner
. a hanging cob justifies the brain
. you get too much money for what you do
. his peter was up higher than his salary
. I’m not going to be pleasant pleasant
. I’m going to fill this soap notebook up
. wipe yr ears clean
. adjusted images a deviled pig
. where it’s at was where it rot
. don’t look at it 2 ways upside down
. pick it up & lay it down along the pot
. images on Tuesday Monday’s Sunday
. I’m red you’re dead
. she comes itching out of her period
. periodicity is a dish for a period

. get up & ejaculate the dawn
. a rooster is a quick pulling hen
. my sex is yr sex disaster
. playing with the trucks
. he done fuck himself with rapid cleanser
. a solid formation on the cup
. a releasing thru
. he cd hear the fly buzzing after it was dead
. the fly wasnt dead
. take it out on time
. the precious nowhere escapes me
. the face of Cain is the ass of Able
. are you able Tuesday
. Aaron is Monday Tuesday is Sunday
. all school functions are decrepit
. a school is a walking hawk
. the hawk that walks
. he realized he cd go on forever so he stopped


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