Sunday, January 29, 2012

Roger Mitchell

Talking to Myself Again 

I tell myself it had to happen.
I say, we knew it would. And it did.
I say, really, what were we thinking.
The nose was in front of our face. Who,
I say, did we think we were kidding
when we said we couldn’t be that
uninformed, that we would win,
that history was somehow not
going to happen to us, that we
could know we were right and think that
enough, that those who did not think
as we did would see the error
of their thought, that they would not tire
of the power held over them,
as we did, power held over them by us,
and not come to the capitol in bands
looking for us and the tools used
against them, cleverly, by us.
And finding them, use them. Against us.


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