Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lynda Schor

The Sex Lives of Teenagers
With a gasp I collapse into my threadbare seat.  From my distant state of nervous agitation I hear the Windows 95 start-up sound heralding familiar news: Yo, Mom, yo, Dad!  It’s 2 fucking o’clock and your pathetic daughter is at the computer—yet again.  I flinch, but this time the guards are asleep at their post.  The screensaver casts an impatient spotlight on my uncertainty.  I enter my name and password, but it feels as though I have jammed my fingers into the heart of the San Andreas fault. The energy of the earth’s core is being channeled through my hands.  I am trembling. The cacophony of modems chattering makes me long to curl into the fetal position beneath my desk.  It sounds like I’m back in a fourth grade lunchroom–-I swear I can hear my name chanted.  He isn’t here.  But we’re both insomniacs.  He’ll come.   I’ll wait.  We’ll talk about free will versus determinism.  We’ll debate the merits of Sartre and Nietzsche.  We’ll wonder about the true nature of time.  I’ll whisper, “I love you,” but only is computer will hear and I alone will care.  And then I’ll sleep, maybe an hour or two before school, trying all the while to turn a pixelized graphic into flesh, typed words into warm breath against my throat.  As always, I’ll fail.

Josh, I’m sorry, I plead, I’m having my period.

Do you have what it takes to be a cheerleader? Cheerleaders spark enthusiasm so that everyone is excited and involved with the action on the playing field. Skillful handling of a crowd is a big job.  To do it well, a cheerleader must have a pleasing personality.  She must be friendly and outgoing.  People must like her too.  A cheerleader should have spirit.   She should be a good sport.  A cheerleader must be attractive.  Her skin should be clear and free of acne.  A girl who is overweight or skinny should certainly correct that fault before thinking of cheerleading.  She should be of average height.  A cheerleader must have rhythm, and co-ordination. Being lithe and limber helps.  Despite rigorous training and demanding duties, thousands of girls all over America want to become cheerleaders.  As one girl put it, Cheerleading has meant more to me than any other thing I have ever done in high school.

What’s happening to me?

Many adolescent boys are surprised at their first ejaculation with another person. Prior to this shared experience many boys see their own erections and ejaculations as something over which they have a large degree of control.  In ejaculating in the presence of another boy, or girl, they describe experiencing a loss of control—though most report it made them feel powerful.

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What would my dad think?

Andrea angrily pounded on the bathroom door while Mia wept.  Lauren laughed.  Lila and Meg kept dancing.

Monkeys reared in total isolation, both from other monkeys and other species including man, find it almost impossible to adapt in later life to any kind of social contract.  Placed with sexually active members of heir own species they don’t know how to respond and often sit nervously in a corner.

“I can’t.  I’m like, really afraid to tell my friends at school.  There’s this big dance this weekend.  I want to go to this thing.  But if he’s there . . .”  “If he’s there?”  “I’ll want to dance with him.  God I won’t be able to stop myself.”  “What do you think would happen if you did dance with him?”  “They would all see that I’m a fag.” “They might also see that you are in love with a great guy.”  “Maybe some friends would see it that way—but others—no way.  A fag,” Dr. Grieg.

In many girls a fold of tissue called the “hymen” (cherry, maidenhead) partially covers the opening to the vagina.  The hymen may be ruptured in many different ways.  Sometimes the hymen is broken by the penis the first time the girl has sexual intercourse.  Insertions of other things (tampons for example) or strenuous exercise may also break the hymen.  When the hymen is first ruptured there may be some pain and bleeding.

Anyway I was gone for sure when I began stumbling through the house screaming for John.  Finding I had nowhere to turn, I threw up in the toilet.  Then I threw up again on Mia’s bedroom floor.  Lila tried to calm me, and Joey came to comfort me.  But I wanted none of it—just the only one who could soothe my pain—but John was busy stealing the innocence of my best friend Lauren.

No guy in any movie I’ve ever seen lasted less than a minute.

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His dark devilish gaze did a slow burn down the length of her body, effectively stifling her protest.  He paused on her small breasts as they rose above the neckline of the dress, thanks to the wonders of the push-up bra.  She shifted uneasily.  She felt that look inside herself, then more so as his intense scrutiny lingered on her exposed thigh.  He made her feel the undeniable reactions of a woman just by his mere presence, and she resented it.  When he looked at her, when his black eyes met her own, she sensed a certain degree of savage wildness, of primal masculinity that couldn’t be tamed.

During sexual intercourse the semen is usually ejaculated from the erect penis of the male into the vagina of the female.  Gradually, the semen seeps through the opening of the cervix and into the uterus.  The millions of sperm in the semen move their tails and swim further into the female reproductive organs.  Eventually the reach the fallopian tubes.  If an ovum is present in one of the tubes, one of the sperm may penetrate the outer wall of the ovum and enter it.  This is called fertilization.

She thought she knew about sex—but no one told her about Jimmy.

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A sense of the dramatic is more important than beauty in being a good baton twirler.  You must know what showmanship means.  A good sense of rhythm is important.  In the beginning all you need is a baton, room to practice, and practice clothes—simple shorts, a sleeveless blouse, and ballet slippers or sneakers.  Plan your performance: Strut in smartly, open your act with one of the fastest tricks in your collection, and save a sensational trick for the grand finale.  You’ll make a hit when your performance is exciting from start to finish.

Fuck, he’d been out until after 2:00 am.  Not that he was complaining.  Do you complain when a gorgeous woman slips you a tiny piece of paper with her room number on it while you’re cleaning her grilled salmon? We’ll have to use the bathroom, she whispered, when he knocked on her door later, in case her girlfriend came back.  Okay . . . the bathroom . . . what did he care.  Whatever she wanted.  She was wearing a sheer pajama top with nothing under it.  Zero.  He was hard just thinking about it.

One sure method of birth control is abstinence.

I still wonder why I didn’t scream, why I didn’t do anything.  I was totally frozen.

Pads of fat begin to develop under the skin in certain areas of the female’s body as she matures, particularly on the hips, buttocks and breasts.  This results in the curvier body form of women, as compared to the straighter body lines of men.  At puberty, a girl’s breasts also enlarge because of the addition of the glandular tissue inside.

A cheerleader needs to make eye contact with individuals in the crowd.  Move your eyes so that your range of vision sweeps the section of the bleachers that is your responsibility.  Stop your gaze here and there for just a fraction of a second so that people in every part of your section feel that you are noticing them.  It may seem easy to lead cheers, bring the body into play, and smile at the same time, but it isn’t.

Girls often have concerns and worries over the size and shape of their breasts, and the size and color of their nipples.  The size of the breasts has nothing to do with “how much of a woman she is,” or whether she will be able to . . .

I’m bamboozled . . .

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Her pupils flared.  The seconds passed with the impact of a ticking bomb.  He could feel the tension building, stretching almost to the breaking point—and she attacked. One second Harris was standing there, smirking at her, and then he was flat on his back in the cold, dank grass, little rocks prodding his spine, mosquitoes buzzing with delight at the feast available to them.  And Clair, well, Clair had an unshakable grip on his skull and her mouth was plastered to his, hot and wet and demanding.  Somehow, with the prodding of her tongue, he opened and she plundered, licking and tasting, stealing his objections and melting them with her heat.  Astounded, instantly aroused, Harris cupped her head, felt the silkiness of her hair, the warmth of her skin.  He tipped his head for a better angle and let her deepen the kiss more. Clair, he thought.  This was Clair straddling him, Clair kissing him with so much passion.  Her breasts flattened on his chest, her thighs shifted against his, wrenching a deep groan from him.  Then she was gone.  Moon and stars filled his vision while his lungs labored to draw in more cool night air.  His body burned.  Confused, he pushed onto his elbows.  Clair stood over him, hands on her hips, her white shorts now dirty.   “That,” she said, “is lust.”
Status Reports:

I am feeling oh . . .

Clouds today—but . . .

Ooooooh . . .


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  1. This is my third read of this piece. I keep being drawn back to it.
    I hold my breath until the final line...well I did that the first read to be more honest. Now I get there with pleasure.

    Jack Dowling