Saturday, January 14, 2012

Richard Livermore

Verse Of The Loonyverse

The thought that occurs to the nine heads
Of the Hydra at once is the binding thread
Of the loony verse, that keeks as the none
Through the many and laughs is the penniless

Pound in the ounce; it is the hawk in the dove,
The Id in Madrid and the madre,
The Jorge in love with the elf in himself
Refusing to mimic his padre;

It is the choir in the knee as it bends
To the faun, the filament in the bulb
Of the dawn, the abstergent burp of a frog,
The albatross with its beak to the wind

And its feet in the mouth of a dog.
Then he who was spotted sucking his thumb
Even before being sprung from the womb
Said only when life is a was will it be

Frozen into a definite key,
A playable key in the ordering chaos
With angelic disorders exploding with mirth
And Pan and panic all over the Earth.


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